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Annual Reports

Empowering Hope and Recovery

“WCS promotes a culture of accountability that empowers individuals to meet their own goals and contribute to a strong and healthy community – and focuses services, partnerships and advocacy on the underlying causes of involvement in the child welfare, justice and behavioral health systems.”

View 2019 Annual Report (PDF)

Moving Forward Toward a Better Future

“We invite you to join with us as we work each day to make it possible for thousands of individuals to be MOVING FORWARD for their own personal success and our community’s strength.”

View 2018 Annual Report (PDF)

Impacting Real Needs

“See the many ways in which WCS has helped individuals in our community face their life challenges.”

View 2017 Annual Report (PDF)

We Offer Stories

“In a day and time when it seems like everything is measured in soundbites and numbers, we offer stories. Not just any stories but stories of lives turned around and now headed in a positive direction.”

View 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

More…Creating Opportunities to Overcome Adversity

“Community safety has increased as youth previously involved in gangs have embraced training and new jobs, many clients with severe and persistent mental illness have maintained independent living while receiving intensive treatment services, and many conflicts have been resolved through mediation and conflit resolution activities.”

View 2015 Annual Report (PDF)

Creating Opportunities to Overcome Adversity

“WCS has finished another year of delivering services to some of society’s most vulnerable individuals, providing opportunities for them to overcome adversity.”

View 2014 Annual Report (PDF)

Making a Difference

“After more than a century, WCS continues to make a real difference in individual lives and our surrounding communities.”

View 2013 Annual Report (PDF)

Innovative Opportunities to Overcome Adversity

“WCS programs hold individuals accountable and offer the means through which individuals can choose to make positive changes in their lives.”

View 2012 Annual Report (PDF)

Celebrating 100 Years

“And now as we step into our second century of service to those facing adversity, we do so with excitement because we know what a difference our services can make.”

View 2011 Annual Report (PDF)

Proudly Serving the Community with Justice, Respect, Integrity and the Pursuit of Excellence

“Our 99th year of operation was one filled with program growth, new initiatives and the founding of a charter school. WCS is grateful to our funders and donors for their support which makes it possible to continually expand the impact of our mission.”

View 2010 Annual Report (PDF)

Division Highlights

“Each year WCS chooses a few of its many programs to feature in our annual report to give our funders, supporters and friends a taste of the work we do and a glimpse of the impact that WCS has on individual lives. In the 2009 Annual Report, we have chosen to feature the five WCS Program Divisions: Behavioral Health Services, Court Services and Community Alternatives, Policy and Workforce Development, Residential Re-entry, Services, and Youth Services.”

View 2009 Annual Report (PDF)

Serving the Community

“WCS exists to serve the community – to help individuals who are working to change their lives and to provide programs that enhance community safety for everyone. We are pleased to highlight in this annual report just a few of the many ways that WCS serves the community.”

View 2008 Annual Report (PDF)

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