Service Areas

We work with individuals and families to address unmet needs and reduce involvement with public systems by providing person-centered services and programs in the key areas below.

Behavioral Health Services

WCS provides services to individuals with a range of behavioral health needs.

  • Community Support Program (CSP)
    The Community Support Program (CSP) provides coordinated care and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) for participants with co-occurring severe and persistent mental health and substance use needs.
  • Targeted Case Management (TCM)
    Provides low-intensity case management for participants with severe and persistent mental health and substance use needs who benefit from community-based treatment.

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  • Access Point (AP)
    Screening and admission of individuals into substance use treatment and other services provided through Milwaukee County.
  • Recovery Support Coordination
    Recovery services and care coordination for those receiving substance use treatment and other services through Milwaukee County.

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Provides Care Coordination services for individuals with significant mental health, substance use and life needs.

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WCS Forensic Services has four programs in southeastern Wisconsin:

  • Conditional Release (CR)
    Community placement, monitoring, and supportive case management for persons adjudicated under W.S.971.12, “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.”
  • Court Liaison and Tracking Services
    WCS is the State Department of Health Services (DHS) contracted service provider for the statewide Court Liaison and Tracking Services. This program provides case consultation and education to the court, maintains tracking and collects data for DHS on all the different phases of proceedings under WSS 971 and works collaboratively with the various stakeholders that are involved with these types of cases to address system issues as needed.
  • Opening Avenues to Re-entry Success (OARS)
    Wraparound case management for high risk/high need individuals with mental health needs who are being released from the Wisconsin State Prison System.
  • Outpatient Competency Restoration Program (OCRP)
    Case management services for high risk/high need individuals found not competent, but likely to regain competency to stand trial, who do not require the structure and security of an inpatient setting.

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The WCS Treatment Alternative Program (TAP) provides services for justice involved individuals in Milwaukee County with substance use disorder (SUD) needs. Early intervention and alternative treatment options are provided to prevent criminal convictions and incarceration and lead individuals on a path to recovery and stabilization.

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Comprehensive substance use, mental health and co-occurring treatment for a culturally diverse population including children, adolescents, adults and families. 

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Provides coordinated community-based support and services to families of youth with complex emotional, behavioral and mental health needs. Wraparound is funded by the State Medicaid Division, Division of Milwaukee Child Protective Services and/or Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services Division.

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Care Coordination services for youth and young adults with significant mental health and life needs.

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Community Building

Community Building incorporates a powerful change process into social service, criminal justice and faith-based community programs. Our “Online Circles of Connection” are a chance for members of our community to come together in a shared space for safety, support, and connection. In the spring of 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) enlisted Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS) to lead the Community Building Milwaukee (CBM) initiative.

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Court Services

WCS provides accountability and guidance for individuals through pretrial and post-conviction supervision, monitoring and treatment services.

These programs provide pretrial supervision for persons charged with an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) offense to reduce the likelihood of failure to appear in court and recidivism during the pretrial phase.
Phone:  (262) 993-2572

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Reduces the negative impact alcohol and substance using participants have on the community by enrolling participants in alcohol and other substance use treatment under strict judicial and community supervision.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

Provides assistance and monitoring of community service for adults involved in the criminal justice system.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

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Offers participants the opportunity to break the cycle of addiction, improve the chances of a sober, crime-free and healthy life, as well as contribute to a safer community.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

The Waukesha County OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) Treatment Court (OTC) provides intensive supervision and case management of third and fourth offense intoxicated drivers post conviction with intensive judicial oversight.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

Administers the Public Safety Assessment on all newly booked individuals in the Waukesha County Jail.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

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Intensive supervision for diversion and post-conviction adults.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

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Supervision and monitoring of justice-involved adults while they are awaiting trial or adjudication.
Phone: (262) 993-2572

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Electronic Monitoring

The 24/7/365 WCS Electronic Monitoring Center provides GPS, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and drug testing.

Hair, nail, urine and saliva testing for anyone who is court-ordered, recommended by a Guardian ad Litem, or needing these services for other personal reasons.

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Electronic Monitoring utilizing GPS location monitoring, SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring and Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring.

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The LifeSafer L25 Ignition Interlock

WCS is a provider of the LifeSafer L250 – the most discreet ignition interlock on the market. It’s designed to prevent you from being able to start your vehicle until you pass the alcohol test. This vehicle ignition interlock device has an easy blow pattern (deep inhale, blow and hum a consistent tone) and a simple screen.

Having an ignition interlock device (IID) can give you the freedom to get back out on the road again. These devices, which are also commonly known as car breathalyzers, are able to quickly test and detect any alcohol levels present in the driver’s breath

CALL NOW at (855) 486-3095 or ENROLL ONLINE!

Peer Support Services

Peer Specialists are trained professionals who use their lived experience to engage others with behavioral health needs.

CCS is a voluntary program offered by Milwaukee County for individuals who are in need of support to work through their recovery and reach their overall life goals.

Community-based Peer Specialists providing services for individuals beginning the process of recovery from their mental health, substance use or co-occurring needs.

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Provides peer specialists for individuals who have overdosed on opioids or stimulants and are at emergency departments. In partnership with Advocate Aurora emergency department, peers engage individuals, offer services and support them in recovery.

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The Hub & Spoke Health Home provides services through a hub-and-spoke model to promote seamless transitions of care from emergency rooms, jails or correctional facilities, or other sites where treatment may be initiated to specialized health homes which will offer evidence-based continuums of care to meet the needs of persons with severe or complex substance use disorders. 

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Certified Peer Specialists support adults receiving services through the Behavioral Health Division (BHD) who are admitted for inpatient hospitalization, residing in a crisis stabilization home, or receiving services from Team Connect.
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The Parent Peer Support Specialists use the knowledge they have gained from parenting youth with mental health and/or substance use needs and training to support the parents or caregivers of the youth enrolled in Wraparound Milwaukee.

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Reentry Services

WCS provides residential reentry, day reporting and employment services for individuals returning to the community from incarceration.

Provides residential co-occurring treatment and evidence-based programming as an alternative to revocation for men referred by the Department of Corrections (DOC).

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Parsons House provides residential reentry services, with an emphasis on employment services, for returning citizens from the Federal Bureau of Prisons with the goal of successful reintegration in the community.

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The WCS Prisoner Reintegration Program provides pre- and post-release services for individuals returning to the City of Milwaukee after a period of confinement.

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A supportive housing program for 24 male residents who receive treatment and other needed services at the Milwaukee County Day Reporting Center (MCDRC) to promote successful reintegration for each individual.

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Supportive Housing

WCS provides housing resources to specialized populations.

Provides homeless individuals with subsidized housing in Milwaukee County and the supportive services needed to succeed in their apartments.

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Outpatient treatment services combined with Sankofa House transitional living center serving up to 18 adults who are beginning the process of substance use recovery.

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Permanent and supportive housing, case management and supportive services for adults with a history of chronic homelessness and alcoholism.
If interested in an apartment, contact Milwaukee County Housing Division, (414) 278-4894

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Treatment Foster Care

Serving children and families of varying backgrounds as they work towards unification.

Recruits, trains, and licenses foster homes to provide quality placements for children/youth who are at risk of being placed in or are returning from residential care.


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Workforce Development Services

WCS provides skills training, job placement and job retention services for individuals with minimal work experience or criminal record barriers.

Case management and legal services to help individuals recover a valid driver’s license after suspension/revocation for failure to pay fines.
Phone: (414) 297-6407

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Provides individuals, ages 16 to 23, with education, job training, and AODA education/treatment services to help them establish positive peer groups, and relationships with law enforcement.
Phone: (414) 837-4781

CIJT Brochure

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Job development, placement and retention services for individuals to help overcome employment barriers.
Phone: (414) 224-0763

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Provides employment support for unemployed Huber inmates to overcome barriers to employment and secure a job.
Phone: (262) 896-8545

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Youth Services

WSC provides community-based alternatives and other crucial programming for youth who are involved with the juvenile justice system or have other needs.

  • Aspire Program:
    Assists youth who are involved in the youth justice system to achieve education and employment success and provides supportive treatment services, reducing the likelihood of re-offense.
  • Bakari Center:
    In partnership with Milwaukee County, the Bakari Center is a Licensed Residential Care Center, Type II facility for 18 male youth, ages 13 to 17 years utilizing an Integrated Treatment Model (ITM).
  • Community Service & Restitution Coordination (CSRC):
    Provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).
  • Youth Shelter Care Program:
    Provides youth who are referred by Milwaukee County Children’s Court with safe, nurturing, and well-maintained environments in two separate state-licensed Shelter Care Facilities, helping to decrease risk factors, increase protective factors, and support positive development during a period of typically 30-60 days.

Phone: (414) 290-0405

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  • Intensive Supervision:
    Supervision and monitoring of juvenile offenders who have petitions pending in Juvenile Court due to committing crimes and/or being habitually truant.
  • Intensive Tracking:
    Long-term intensive support and monitoring for serious juvenile offenders who would otherwise be placed outside the home and also works with those at-risk youth returning to the community from out of home placements.
  • Youth Enhanced Support (YES) Program:
    Direct support to students from the City of Waukesha School District who begin to exhibit issues with attendance and/or behavior.

Phone: (262) 993-2572

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