Waukesha County Drug Treatment Court

About Drug Treatment Court

“The scientific community has put Drug Courts under a microscope and concluded that Drug Courts work. Better than jail or prison. Better than probation and treatment alone. Drug Courts significantly reduce drug use and crime and are more cost-effective than any other proven criminal justice strategy.” – National Association of Drug Court Professionals

Implemented in 2012, The Waukesha County Drug Treatment Court is one of 50 Drug Treatment Courts in Wisconsin. It is a post plea, pre-predisposition program, offering participants the opportunity to amend their current criminal charges pending with the Court to a lesser charge based on successful completion of the rigorous program requirements.

PROGRAM GOAL: The primary goal of the program is to offer participants the opportunity to break the cycle of addiction, improve the chances of a sober, crime-free and healthy life, as well as contribute to a safer community.

PROGRAM PHASES: The Drug Treatment Court program consists of five phases, with a minimum timeline for each phase and specific requirements/expectations the participants must fulfill to be promoted by the Drug Treatment Court Team to the next phase.  The team consists of the Judge, a representative from the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender, staff from Wisconsin Community Services Inc. (WCS), the Sheriff’s Department, Department of Health & Human Services, and Probation.

PROGRAM DURATION: The length of stay in the program is dependent on each participant’s progress as he/she moves through the five phases. Graduation may occur within 14 months, but it could take longer based on the participant’s treatment needs and compliance with program requirements.


414 West Moreland Boulevard
Suite 200
Waukesha, WI 53188

Contact Information

(262) 544-4600
Fax: (262) 544-9456


7am – 6pm
Monday – Thursday

7am – 4pm

The Waukesha Drug Treatment Court is a collaborative effort between Waukesha County and Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS)