How We Engage

We believe that all services should be person-centered, strength-based, trauma-informed and culturally competent.


WCS embraces a person-centered approach in all services and programming. We place each individual at the center of the service, always striving to treat them as a person first. We focus on the person and what they can do, rather than their situation or challenge. We support individuals by focusing on each individual’s aspirations and tailoring our services to their needs and unique circumstances.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

WCS is continually seeking to build upon our core values which are rooted in justice, respect, integrity and the pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to make diversity, equity and inclusion a natural way in which we operate so we implement ongoing DEI practices aimed at collectively turning our words into action. As an agency, we are committed to constant learning, reflection and growth, and as a result, we believe the individuals we serve and our community as a whole will benefit.

Trauma-Informed Care

  • Trauma Informed Care is embedded within the culture of WCS as an Evidence Based Principle to ensure staff at every level within the organization understand trauma and conduct themselves in such a way to better serve everyone who walks through the doors of WCS.
  • WCS recognizes the impact of trauma to our communities and to the individuals we serve.
  • We are committed to targeted, Evidenced Based strategies to understand trauma, reduce the impact, and to better serve individuals.
  • WCS embraces cultural diversity and gender as a part of understanding each individual and the trauma they may have experienced related to their ethnicity and gender identity.
  • The employees of WCS develop and embrace an awareness of trauma and the impact it has on our community and the individuals we serve through professional trainings specific to trauma awareness and wellness.
  • The programs at WCS promote trauma wellness through individual and program assessments to recognize and implement key components within daily program operations proven to increase the likelihood of success for individuals involved in services who have experienced significant trauma in their lives. This will ensure that in the course of providing services individuals do not experience further traumatization.
  • These efforts will be evident in the way we seek to be aware of individual’s experiences with trauma and how we serve these individuals, how we interact with everyone who walks through the doors of WCS, how we treat our employees, our trauma-informed procedures to guide program operations and through our healing environments.
  • Through our commitment to Trauma Informed Care, we will improve the way in which individuals respond to our interventions and to their success during and long after their experiences at WCS. Our employees will also feel empowered, respected and have a sense of dignity as they carry out the mission of WCS.