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Court Liaison
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Assistant Court Liaison
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Assistant Court Liaison
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Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS)

Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS) is the State Department of Health Services (DHS) contracted provider for the Court Liaison Services (CLS) program. CLS monitors proceedings under Wis. Stat. ch 971 and advocates for statutory and procedural compliance. These proceedings include: Competency Examinations; Commitments for Treatment to Competency; Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect (NGI) Pleas and Commitments, as well as the various processes that come after an NGI finding. The program staff promote best practices, and strive for efficiency in these proceedings.

Since the inception of the court liaison program in 2004, there have been many modifications, advancements and new developments in the way this program is utilized by DHS. As the program continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of our consumers, our commitment to supporting the team effort to have individuals with mental health needs move through the criminal justice process expeditiously is unwavering.

This commitment is demonstrated through:

Tracking and collecting data for DHS on all the different phases of proceedings under Wis. Stat. ch 971, and working collaboratively with the various partners that are involved to address system issues.

  1. Maintain tracking
  2. Assist DHS with open record requests
  3. Conduct data analysis
  4. Participate in strategic planning

Educating the various members of the judicial system and DHS contracted service providers.

  1. Present at Annual Conferences, Seminars and In-house Training Sessions
  2. Provide case consultation
  3. Offer resources online|
  4. Participate in program, county and statewide meeting groups

We make an impact by:

  • Ensuring that the professionals the program serves receive timely and accurate information regarding process and procedure.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory language and facilitating communication on the status of the court ordered services.

In fulfilling our role in the process, we assist the individual in receiving the service and/or treatment he/she needs to work towards resolution of the current legal issue.

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