Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS), in collaboration with Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee (SWIM), and Seton Hall professor and film director Giuseppe (Joe) M. Fazari, hosted a viewing of and community discussion about the documentary, Why They Kill on July 12, 2022 at Marquette University’s Varsity Theater.

Based on the critically acclaimed book by Pulitzer winning author Richard Rhodes, Why They Kill is an award-winning documentary that explores how violent criminals develop, how violent communities are created and transformed, and how violent acts can be prevented. The film also underscores the importance of the intersection of key community stakeholders and institutions including courts, schools, law enforcement, and families to work collaboratively to support individual and family development.

During the community discussion, Dr. Fazari was joined by WCS CEO/President Clarence Johnson, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman, and WCS’ Sankofa House Program Manager and community activist Torre Johnson. The panel members discussed how phantom communities are created and how they can be reshaped to break the cycle of violence.  The thoughtful discussion included questions and input from community members in the audience. Overall, the event helped to shed light on the underlying causes of violence and how we can work together to change the level of violence in our communities.

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