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Residential Re-entry Services

The Residential Re-entry Services Division consists of two halfway houses and one rooming house. The goal of the halfway houses is to assist in the successful community reintegration of men coming out of incarceration. The hope is that individuals will be able to develop the necessary skills to achieve an independent, pro-social approach to life and that they will return to the community to live a drug-free lifestyle and to participate as a crime-free neighborhood resident.

Each halfway house provides 24-hours per day supervision and the following services as needed by residents: AODA treatment, employment assistance, parenting and fatherhood classes, individual and group counseling, anger management, cognitive intervention groups and living skills.

The WCS rooming house serves men with mental health and/or AODA issues providing safe, affordable shelter in a supportive environment.  Each gentleman receives his own room and is involved in programming that provides case management.

WCS Residential Re-entry Programs:

Parsons House (Federal Residential Reentry Center)

Parsons House provides community re-entry services to Federal Bureau of Prison inmates who are within six months of their sentence completion. Residents are guided through cognitive, behavioral-based programs that emphasize personal accountability, responsibility, employment, reintegration with family and release planning.

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