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Milwaukee Youth Services

Holly Akinsanya
Administrator, Court Services and Community Alternatives
(414) 852-3351

WCS provides crucial youth programs in Milwaukee County.  These include:

WCS Youth Shelter Care

Bahiya House and Rashid House - provide short-term (typically about 30 days), non-secure, supervised residential programming for youth.

Project Excel 

• Community Service & Restitution Coordination - provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by DCSD.

• Aspire - assists youth who are involved in the youth justice system to achieve education and employment success and provides supportive treatment services, reducing the likelihood of re-offense.


Project Excel Pledge


We at Project Excel pledge to show leadership by…
Being respectful to other youth, staff, and self;
Also by being responsible for ourselves and each other as a team.
We at Project Excel pledge that we shall grow in knowledge by...
Gaining knowledge from peers and staff; and
Pushing to the top and never giving up.
It’s our future, our choice!

We at Project Excel pledge that we shall…
Achieve our goals with a positive attitude; and
Strive for greatness every day.