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Community Service & Restitution Coordination

Program Contact
Holly Akinsanya
Administrator, Court Services and Community Alternatives
(414) 852-3351

The Community Service and Restitution Coordination Program provides a community-based alternative to complete community service and restitution for youth served by DCSD. The program allows youth to complete community service hours and gives them the opportunity to pay back their court ordered restitution.  

The Community Service and Restitution Coordination Program serves post-dispositional youth that are the subject of a court order or Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) that are court ordered to complete community service hours and/or restitution payments

The goals of the program are to develop and monitor ongoing community service activities for which youth may be referred to fulfill their DPA or probation conditions. This program will also provide an opportunity for youth to contribute to their communities in a positive manner and be able to pay back their restitution to victims when court ordered to do so.

► Parent Engagement: Parents participate in frequent discussions regarding their youth’s involvement. Workshops are provided on areas of concern as identified by parents, youth, and staff.

► Transportation: The program provides transportation between school, home, and the site.

► Case Management: Staff provides case management services including progress reports for court and human service workers.

► Food: The program provides snacks and dinner (or lunch).

Community Service and Restitution Coordination Brochure (printable)

The Community Service & Restitution Coordination Program is funded by Milwaukee County 
Department of Health & Human Services-Delinquency & Court Services Division.