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Aspire Program

Program Contact

Address: 3725 N. Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53216
Phone: (414) 640-1865

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Program Description

As part of Project Excel, the Aspire Program provides educational experiences and support to youth as a means of preventing recidivism, increasing self-confidence, developing leadership skills, and making positive choices in their lives.


Program Components

  ►  Academic Support, including homework help and skill tutoring
    Financial Literacy
    Aggression Replacement Training (ART)
    Restorative Circles
    Healthy Youth
    Violence Prevention
    Employment Readiness


During school year: 3:30-7:30pm
During summer: 10:00am-2:00pm

Interns Needed

Aspire Interns will be assigned to 1-2 youth, and will be responsible for helping their youth stay engaged in programming.

Intern responsibilities:

  • Be onsite at WCS to work directly with assigned youth during Academic Support hours (usually 4-6pm)
  • Build rapport with assigned youth
  • Encourage active participation and work with youth to increase engagement
    • Provide tutoring/homework help for youth’s classwork
    • If youth claims no assignments are missing/due, interns will facilitate addition skill building/instruction as directed by the Education Coordinator
    • Keep youth engaged and on task; notify staff if youth displays inappropriate behavior
  • Submit daily report to staff documenting what youth did during Academic Support hours
  • Assist with transportation as needed
  • Follow up with Youth Care Coordinator when attendance issues emerge

If you would like more information on Aspire internships, please submit an application here: Aspire Intern Application