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Joshua Glover Residential Reentry Center (Wisconsin DOC)
2404 North 50th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Phone: (414) 442-3700
Fax: (414) 442-6466


The goal of the Joshua Glover Residential Reentry Center (RRC) is to effectively supervise and treat residents of the 36 male bed facility by addressing their identified criminogenic risks and needs. Ultimately, Joshua Glover RRC strives to reduce recidivism and to promote public safety through an array of therapeutic interventions.


Joshua Glover RRC incorporates Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) into its service delivery to effectively address criminogenic risks and needs that were identified on the COMPASS for each resident. An individualized service plan is created with the input of the resident, Department of Corrections Probation Officer, AODA Counselor/Case Manager, and Mental Health Counselor, which is utilized by the staff to assist the resident with accomplishing his goals while at Joshua Glover RRC.


Residents are assessed, referred to any identified services that are needed, and given support to successfully complete the program. The programs and services offered at the Joshua Glover RRC include:

• Case management
• Substance abuse individual/group counseling
• Mental Health counseling
• Cognitive Intervention group counseling
• Employment Counseling
• Fatherhood
• Community Building Workshops


The current value added services include:
• Mindfulness
• Nutrition
• Hero’s Journey
• Beginner Computers
• Dollars and Sense
• Journaling