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Certified Community Building Workshop Facilitators

Facilitator II

• Diana Altstadt (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Maria Acevedo, Journey House Bilingual Retention Specialist

• Dawn Barnett (see Steering Committee)

• Jan Buchler, Volunteer and Community Advocates Public Policy Institute Contract Monitor

• Debra Fields (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Ray Gingerich (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Ken Ryback (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Cornelius Taylor (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Lee Valentyn, Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative Project Director

Facilitator I

• Kai Anderson, Milwaukee Police Department Health and Wellness Coordinator and Officer

• Jim Bartos (see Project Team)

• Lois Blasinski, Volunteer, Contemplative Prayer Community Member

• Ellie Boone (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Capollo Free, Running Rebels Community Organization Youth Monitor and Case Manager

• Daniela Imig, WCS Associate Administrator of the Behavioral Health & Courts Division

• Clarence Johnson (see Project Team)

• Milta Maestre-Rawlings, Division of Community Corrections Probation and Parole Agent

• Valerie Nelson, St. Charles Youth & Family Services Program Manager

• Kari Nervig, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee Area Director for High School Sites

• Malaika Osei, Center of Self-Sufficiency Youth Educator II

• Paulita Payton-Murphy (see Facilitator Network/Council)

• Damon Shoates, Running Rebels Community Organization Violence Free Zone Supervisor

• Derrick Shoates, Running Rebels Community Organization Violence Free Zone Staff

• Shawn Smith, Alma Institute Co-Founder and Director of Training

Assistant Facilitator

• Victor Barnett, Running Rebels Community Organization Founder and Executive Director

• Victoria Burns, Volunteer and Community Resident Leader

• Rochelle Landingham, Milwaukee County Contract Services Coordinator

• Dr. Betty Quin, Pastors United Member and Pastor

• Kevin Turner-Espinoza, Journey House Special Projects Implementer

• Dennis Walton, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Outreach Coordinator