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FORENSIC TRACKING AND COURT LIAISON SERVICE                                                 

3732 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 300-A
Milwaukee, WI 53208
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Fax: (414) 239-7859

8:30am – 4:30pm  Monday - Friday

Adam Oldenburg Vicki Shequen
Court Liaison Assistant Court Liaison
(414)750-3519 (414)303-7547
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Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS) is the State Department of Health Services (DHS) contracted service provider for the statewide Forensic Tracking and Court Liaison and Service. This program provides case consultation and education to the court, maintains tracking and collects data for DHS on all the different phases of proceedings under WSS 971 and works collaboratively with the various stakeholders that are involved with these types of cases to address system issues as needed.

Educational and reference materials are provided for the various DHS processes under WSS 971, such as: Competency Examinations; Treatment to Competency Commitments; and accessing the Outpatient Competency Restoration Program (OCRP). The liaisons also educate the Court on the NGI Commitment process, review the tools available to assist the Court in determining Placement under the NGI Commitment, and outline the process for a Petition for Conditional Release (CR). These different phases are tracked through the Court process in an effort to ensure statutory compliance, and promote procedural efficiency.

Since the inception of the Court Liaison position in 2004 there have been many modifications, advancements and new developments in the way that this position is utilized by the State Department of Health Services (DHS). The primary focus remains on educating and assisting the various members of the judicial system, while also serving the department’s contracted service providers. Over the years our agency has worked with DHS to streamline this position, ensuring that the professionals we serve receive consistent information regarding process and procedure, as well as providing detailed data that illustrates the cost-savings benefit that this position was intended to generate for the State. We have identified many new areas that this position can have a significant impact on ensuring that best practices strategies are being applied. We have also collaborated with many different service providers and stakeholders to develop a statewide tracking system, which has allowed us to identify different system issues, and then apply evidence-based decision making strategies to address these issues. The Courts continue to express appreciation for having a single point of contact to answer system questions, and coordinate with the department to address system issues as needed.

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